Week One: Martina’s Healthy Habit Challenge & Recipe

Welcome to week one of your Healthy Habit Challenge! Keeping with the theme of hydration, we’re going to ease you into our challenges with a super easy, but healthy habit worth making a part of your daily routine. If you already drink lots of water, this week will be a breeze for you. If you don’t, just think of how much your body will appreciate this new change!

Challenge 1: Drink one more glass of water today than you did yesterday.

Challenge 2: Try adding a slice of fresh lemon to your water in the morning. (Give it a squeeze before dropping it in!)

Challenge 3: Switch out one caffeinated or sugary beverage for water or green tea.

This week’s Recipe: Naturally Flavoured Water

If plain water is simply not your thing, here are a few of my favourite infused water recipes:

Sweet Berry H2O

  • frozen blue berries
  • frozen strawberries
  • frozen raspberries

Add as many as you want to filtered water. This is a good antioxidant blend, as well as being sweet-tooth-satisfying.


  • fresh mint leaves
  • sliced cucumber
  • sliced lime

This refreshing green inspired blend mimics a mojito, without the dehydration caused by alcohol.

Gentle Detox

  • sliced lemon
  • sliced cucumber
  • fresh mint and/or cilantro
  • pinch of cayenne pepper for a spicy finish or
    grated ginger

Add to filtered water for this gentle detox and hydration blend of green and yellow to your water. Cayenne pepper will help cool the body down, while the ginger provides anti-inflammatory properties. This blend also helps pull toxins (cilantro) and aids digestion (mint). If the spice is too strong, leave the cayenne and/or ginger out.

All of these flavoured waters can be experimented with and adjusted according to taste. You can play around with the amount of ingredients for stronger or weaker tasting waters. Make a big batch the night before and then top up the filtered water throughout the day to keep it going. There are some fancy jugs out there specifically made for infusing the water, but you can just toss it into a jug, water bottle or mason jar. Enjoy!

See you next week!

Martina Biljan, Registered Holistic Nutritionist (R.H.N.)