Assisting the healing journey

I have found it enjoyable to watch the women’s experiences doing yoga for the first time. I observed women feeling supported and positive after class. It is assisting the healing journey, thank you.

Staff Member

A much needed break in our workday

We have enjoyed the amazing benefits of Prana yoga in our workplace for over four years. We are so fortunate to have two awesome instructors provide us with a much-needed break in our workday to breathe, take care of ourselves and return to work with more clarity.

Having workplace yoga takes away so much stress … no childcare needed, no disruption of family time, we don’t have to worry about parking, etc. An added benefit of Prana yoga is the ability to take the practice into our own lives on the days we are not on the mat with Laura or Heather. I highly recommend Prana in the workplace, our yoga practice has built strength awareness and harmony in our bodies.

Michelle Allen
Thames Valley Children's Centre

Take some time out of a stressful day

It is so beneficial to take some time out of a stressful day to stretch, breathe and readjust the focus back to one of gratitude and acceptance.   Thank you Prana Yoga Wellness for coming to my workplace to make this happen for my colleagues and me.


CIBC Mellon

Each yoga class is different

I’m grateful for an amazing opportunity to be part of a yoga group which has been kindly donated to ANOVA from Prana Yoga Wellness. It has helped me to learn stress management techniques, the importance of deep breathing during the practice, and the connection between mind & body. The teachers are really dedicated and knowledgeable. They take time to educate one about yoga and are very helpful in ensuring that one is doing poses correctly. Also, I enjoyed that classes are not the same every time, there is always a variety of poses/different vibe to a class (can be focused on meditation piece or learning to hold your balance, etc.)

Thank you!


I left each class feeling grounded and refreshed

Chantelle has a natural ability to connect with everyone in the class and caters to all levels and abilities. I left each class feeling grounded and refreshed. I would highly recommend Chantelle and Prana Yoga Wellness!


Some much needed “me” time

I found [Prana’s yoga sessions] very relaxing, and it helped me de-clutter my brain and gave me some much needed me time.  I felt healthier because I was active.


An instant hit with all in attendance

As the chair of the wellness committee here at CARFAX (formerly CARPROOF) for the past 3-years, I can honestly attest to the fact that it can be somewhat difficult to get employees engaged in healthy activities. Therefore, trust me when I say that I was amazed that every single person who attended Chantelle’s initial session subsequently signed-up for the 4-week long meditation classes!

It was evident to both myself and my co-workers that Chantelle and Prana very clearly believe in what they preach & “walk-the-walk”- their peaceful yet extremely professional demeanour made an instant hit with all in attendance… but also left many of us feeling inspired to try something new.


With Prana’s support we’ve created a cultural change

Prana has helped to facilitate the University Students’ Council’s culture of wellness by educating our employees on stress management, yoga, deep breathing, meditation and coaching.

With Prana’s support and wealth of knowledge, we have been able to grow our Wellness Program, create a cultural change which allows us to live up to our mandate of offering a work-life balance. Prana Yoga & Wellness has been an outstanding partner in helping us achieve our goals, by reaching out to their network to help grow our various programs and has been vital to the continual success of it.

Cassandra R.
University Student Council, Western University

Prana Yoga has been a great partnership

Our company has been working with Prana Yoga for over two years, providing weekly classes to the Residents in our student housing community. Martina is an excellent instructor who is always friendly and welcoming to all participants.

Prana Yoga has been a great partnership for The MARQ Student Communities, adding a higher value to all those that chose to live at The MARQ.

Tammy Bonilla