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To be honest, when I first met Sandra Maniago of Loko Sport I hadn’t heard of her brand, let alone been familiar with her line of athletic wear. What brought us together was her desire to sponsor yoga classes for abused women and my desire to expose abused women to the healing power of yoga. So with the help of Pillar Nonprofit Network, we planned, plotted and came up with a partnership and a course of action. Together we delivered weekly yoga classes for the month of October to residents and counsellors at Anova (formerly Women’s Community House) and of course, a friendship-in-the-making blossomed between Sandra and I. In the process, I got to know more about Sandra’s dedication to producing ethical, sustainable athletic wear and her desire to give back to her hometown. It was a surprise to learn that her company has been established for over 10 years and supChantelle Loko Sport Springplying athletic wear to boutique stores across Canada. When I checked out her online store ( )  I was impressed with the bold, yet classy designs and the beautiful women of various shapes, sizes and ethnicity that were promoting her clothing on social media. All of this made her brand approachable, as well as authentic. Not surprisingly, when the opportunity to become a Loko Sport Ambassador came up, I was honoured and more than happy to help spread the word for Sandra in our shared community of London, Ontario. In fact, I wanted to do even better than that. I wanted to give Sandra a turbo-boost and offer the entire Prana team up as Loko Sport Ambassadors to promote this Loko Sport faster and farther throughout our city. So, if in the coming weeks you see our teachers wearing her line– which is of excellent quality, might I add–  or sharing their Loko Sport Ambassador pictures on social media, I ask that you help us spread the word as well. Like and share our posts with your friends and if you are a female (sorry guys!) looking for athletic wear, shop at, a local, inclusive brand that is 100% made in Canada and is socially- AND ethically-minded. Remember… we vote with our dollars and our attention.



Top photo: Standing with Sandra Maniago of Loko Sport shortly after our partnership formed to provide yoga classes to abused women at Anova (formerly Women’s Community House)

Bottom photo: Ambassador in action! Wearing clothing from Loko Sport’s Spring/Summer 2017 Collection. Top: fluttered tank in heathered turquoise, pants: ribbon-mesh capri in lime mix w/ turquoise mesh.




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