Have Mat Will Travel: Meet Martina Bijan

Transparency. Connection. Sincerity. These are the words I associate with Martina Bijan.

Martina responded to our 2014 call out for yoga teachers and when I sat down with her for the first time, it was clear she had some standards about where and how she wanted to teach yoga. She thrives in small, focused classes, and avoids the large mainstream classes because she wants to connect with her students on a deeper level.

A past wrist injury means Martina personally has to modify when she teaches, and her transparency about this I felt was important for our clients to see, as we both think it is important to convey the message that yoga is for everyone and is 100% adaptable to meet unique needs of each person.  Martina is sincere in her pursuit to make a positive impact in the lives of others and is also committed to her own personal growth. With her focus on personal connection and bright personality, she’s always a positive contribution to the Prana Team.

Growing up in London, Ontario, Martina found yoga over 13 years ago and became a yoga teacher 8 years ago. Today Martina is a Yoga Teacher (500-RYT), Registered Holistic Nutritionist (RHN), a Meditation Coach, and Corporate Wellness Consultant. Focusing on a yang/yin vinyasa flow, she finds fulfillment in a practice that starts and ends with deep relaxation.

Life isn’t either/or — it can be all of the above. Martina has found her balance by understanding yoga teachers can have a glass of wine and nutritionists can eat ice cream. Life isn’t about perfection it’s about creating a sustainable, positive life.

With a relatable personality and an openness to share her personal experiences, Martina’s students feel comfortable and engaged from the moment they step onto the mat. With Prana, Martina has taught a variety of classes including yoga for the staff of the University Student Council at Western University and the tenants of Centurion Property Management, as well as offered holistic nutrition expertise to shift workers for Ingredion Canada Coporation. She can also be found at Rebirth Wellness Centre for Prenatal Restorative and Prenatal yoga classes or teaching private and small group sessions out of her home studio or clients’ homes as outlined on her website http://martinabiljan.com/

Here’s how Martina responded to our “About you” questions:

1. Style of yoga you teach and how you’d describe your flow?

I would say a yang/yin vinyasa flow. I like to start strong and end with a deep relaxation. 

 2. Numbers of years have you been practicing yoga? 

I’ve been practicing for about 13 years.

3. Where did you grow up?

London, Ontario

4. Favourite place to visit?

Senj, Croatia

5. Favourite “out of the ordinary” moment or experience?

I love when synchronicity happens. When you’re thinking about someone or something and then you just run into them. Those are my favourites! 

6. Vegan, vegetarian or flexitarian?


7. What stresses you out the most?

Not getting a good night sleep. 

8. Most important part of your self-care routine?

Healthy food! Feeding my body the nutrients it needs to be able to do all the things I want.

9. What’s your hidden talent? (something you enjoy doing or are good at, but most people aren’t aware of).

I am amazing at finding cute cafes in new cities. 😉

10. Favourite quote?

“No rain. No flowers.”

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