Guest Blog: Adding ‘Shine’ & Self-Care to your Holiday Season

Are you taking time for self-care during the holiday season?

Every year it seems like one moment the kids are heading back to school, and the warm summer weather is fading, then we blink and snow is falling while the Santa Claus parade winds its way through downtown. Where did the time go?

The holiday season always seems hectic, full of hustle and bustle, family get-togethers, and endless to-do lists. So often we forget ourselves during the holidays, and that’s why I was so grateful when my friend and fellow blogger, Carolyn Martyn from Shine with Carolyn asked me to contribute to a post in her holiday self-care blog series.

Carolyn focuses on women’s fitness, mind set, body image, and wellness; topics near and dear to my heart. She recently sat down with a number of vibrant women– I was humbled to be selected as one of them– to learn how they thrive during the busy Christmas season. The strategies and tips shared are wonderful and easily adaptable to any lifestyle. You can read the tips I offered in the “Christmas Cheer from more Sparkly Women” post below.

Some of my favourite tips offered by others include:

Find something that makes you the happiest during the holidays and make it a tradition.. something to look forward to that isn’t a chore.  – Diana Carreiro

 I take a couple of hours for myself […] and write out cards to family and friends and share with them how grateful I am to have them in my life and to let them know I am thinking of them. – Jennifer Taylor


To learn more strategies for self-care, including my tips for navigating the holidays, read the rest of Carolyn’s posts here:

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Learn more about Carolyn and her blog by visiting Shine with Carolyn to add more “inner sparkle” to your life.


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