Give Yourself Permission

Summer has finally arrived. Have you found yourself laying on a hammock thinking about all of the things you “should” be doing and feeling guilty for not moving to do them? As sad as it may seem, even restful moments … Continue reading 

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Phrase of the Day: “Shinrin-Yoku”

Last month, shortly after green leaves appeared on the trees and colourful flowers buds began to blossom, the first warm day of spring arrived and it beckoned me to hit the trails for a hike. Initially, I called on a … Continue reading 

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Let’s Talk About Mental Hygiene

You brush and floss your teeth daily, bathe on a regular basis and wash your hands after using the bathroom. Someone had to teach you these habits of personal hygiene, but who has taught you how to take care of … Continue reading 

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Healthy Boundaries = Happy You

Creating healthy boundaries in your life is a necessary and challenging process to undertake, but the wisdom and compassion to be gained makes it all worth it. It is important to begin the process with tuning into internal and external … Continue reading 

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The Power of Love

Valentine’s Day is approaching… will it be another occasion to exchange overpriced cards or will it be a day of more meaning and purpose? Love is more than candy hearts and roses. It’s a powerful force that can transform individuals, … Continue reading 

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Your Life Is Bigger Than A New Year’s Resolution

  “Creativity is the ability to invent a new future using the past and present as one’s materials.” -Akiko Yosana, Japanese poet (1878-1942) Tradition inspires us this month to look ahead and design the life we want for ourselves. Unfortunately, … Continue reading 

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Not Another “Top 5 List” on Ways to Be Mindful Over The Holidays

Technically, we “should” offer you wise words to get you through the holidays, but we’re not going to because it’s just another thing for us to do in an already busy time of the year. We believe in walking our … Continue reading 

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It seemed as soon as Labour Day arrived, the pace picked up and hasn’t stopped. No wonder the final lazy days of August are hard to let go of. But, it’s a new month and if you are prepared, it … Continue reading 

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Where’s Your Tongue?

It seems like a silly question, doesn’t it? But you’ll be surprised at how important of a question it is when it comes to building resiliency to stress. I was once taught by a naturopathic doctor to always be aware … Continue reading 

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The Fading of Summer Fun…

Labour Day weekend has come and gone, but summer isn’t officially over until Sept. 23, when the fall equinox occurs and the sun shines the same for everyone.* As summer slowly fades and the fun comes to an end, there’s … Continue reading 

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