We are proud to serve London, Ontario and surrounding area by offering on site corporate yoga and wellness-centered professional development workshops and seminars.

Within our society we continue to observe stress levels steadily increasing and our health and happiness steadily decreasing. The Prana team feels it is time to take the famed Eastern wisdom approach of mindfulness, positive psychology, and self-care and make it practical and accessible to everyone.

We currently offer on-site yoga classes in corporate spaces and privately in client homes in London and surrounding area. If our clients do not have the appropriate environment to host classes in, we also have access to off-site studio space. All of our teachers are registered with the Yoga Alliance and/or Canadian Yoga Alliance and are fully insured.

We also offer “off-the-mat” professional development seminars, workshops, and team retreats focused on the promotion of self-care and mental wellness as a means to build resiliency to stress.



The Prana Story

In 2001, our founder, Chantelle Diachina was living in Brampton, Ontario, when she stepped into her first yoga class. The teacher was Indian and was greatly influenced by her grandfather who taught traditional yoga to her as a child.  Considering Chantelle perceived yoga as a stretching class and nothing more, she was blindsided by what yoga really was. Within months she began to notice changes off of her mat that she could only attribute to the yoga classes… and they had to do with much more than gaining flexibility and strength. As a survivor of relationship abuse, Chantelle began to notice a decrease in night terrors and outbursts of anger. She noticed she was able to respond to the stress of daily living in a much more calmer way. She also began to rebuild her sense of self after it had been diminished after several years of physical and verbal abuse. If you ever have a chance to chat with Chantelle, she will tell you many other stories of overcoming major life challenges that she attributes to her yoga practice and the study of yogic philosophy.

In 2006, after her second child was born, Chantelle felt it was time to leave her teaching career after more than 10 years of being in the classroom.  She was now living in London and had no idea what was to come next, but decided to let her heart guide her; yoga seemed like a good place to start. Following the footsteps of her first yoga teacher, she decided to study with an Indian Master Yogi, Shri Yogi Hari, of the Sivananda lineage and became a certified yoga teacher.

Chantelle began teaching right away, but within a couple of years, she second guessed her decision to pursue her passion for yoga and decided to explore other options. This led to a certification in corporate communications and public relations from Fanshawe College and eventually a position with digital agency, rtraction, as client relations manager. It wasn’t long before people grew curious about her calm demeanor and discovered her secret was yoga. Soon enough, colleagues began asking advice on how to stretch tense and sore muscles. This turned into yogic guidance on personal problems and inquiries about teaching private classes. The big “A-HA” moment came when Chantelle was asked to deliver talks about stress management and workplace wellness for Emerging Leaders and St. Joseph’s Regional Mental Health Care Network. Through these experiences she observed there was a genuine need for effective stress management in the workplace and was pleasantly surprised at the discovery of the newly released CSA National Standard for Psychological Health and Safety in the Workplace. On January 1, 2013, Chantelle began developing Prana Yoga & Wellness and by the time it launched the following October, it had already grown to three additional teachers.

Why “Prana” and what does it mean?

Prana is a Sanskrit word meaning the subtle vital energy that is required for all living things to exist. This word best describes the work we do because we use hatha yoga and holistic yogic wisdom to help our clients maximize and maintain their vital energy, resulting in less stress and more inner peace… better health, too!


Meet Our Stress Managers


Laura Johnson R.Y.T.


Back row (l to r): Rita Pennell, Lynn Buckland, Maartje Maas-Potterton, Becky Ament, Heather Cammaert (front row; l to r): Chantelle Diachina, Gabrielle Rickman, Martina Biljan. Missing: Laura Johnson, pictured to the right.

All of our teachers have compelling stories about the way yoga has transformed their lives for the better, which is why they feel the necessity to share these gifts with you. Our team is dedicated to improving their own personal practice and teaching through continued professional development in various areas related to yoga and holistic approaches to wellness. Most importantly, every Prana yoga teacher is committed to safely guiding and adapting every yoga practice to your abilities. They are true ambassadors to the “yoga is for everyone” adage.